Maggie Jaeger, Ph.D.

Dr. Jaeger comes to The Rucks Group with wealth of expertise in social psychological research through five years of dedicated experience in the field. Her core strengths lie in survey design and data analysis and she has extensive experience utilizing the R programming language for comprehensive data preparation, analysis, and visualization. In her role as a Research Associate, Dr. Jaeger plays a pivotal part in various aspects of evaluation projects by crafting evaluation plans and annual reports, as well as conducting intricate data analyses and creating robust visualizations. Notably, Dr. Jaeger’s journey with The Rucks Group began during her time as an intern and research assistant while pursuing her Bachelor of Science in Psychology at the University of Dayton. Dr. Jaeger has since earned a Ph.D. in Social Psychology with a concentration in Interpersonal Relationships at the University of Minnesota.

Personal Vision Statement

"Effective research can garner insights and have incredibly positive impacts on the world around us. At The Rucks Group I have the opportunity to live the core tenants that effective research relies on, namely collaboration and a commitment to growth, to support the teams and help foster the insights of projects positively impacting our world and our future."