Invested and Supportive of Your Vision

Collaborating with a research and evaluation partner invested and supportive of your vision is essential to success.

Our ability to build synergistic partnerships with clients enables us to understand and anticipate their needs through each phase of the project. With an accomplished and experienced team of professionals, we provide clients with advice and guidance towards realizing their project’s goals.

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Evaluation Strategy Planning

A strategic and integrated evaluation plan is key to a successful initiative. Our team designs custom evaluation plans and solutions that objectively measure the impact of our clients’ work. Our evaluation planning services drive the success of our clients’ intended goals.

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Data Tool Development

The ability to obtain credible and timely evidence that addresses the unique needs of an initiative begins with the development of strong data-gathering instruments. We work with our clients to articulate the methods, strategies, and techniques for capturing quality data that demonstrate the impact our clients are making.

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IRB Application Assistance

Institutional review boards are an integral step in protecting the rights and welfare of our clients' research subjects, but navigating the reviewal process is often tricky and tedious. We leverage our far-reaching experience adhering to ethical principles and federal regulations to guide our clients in developing IRB-approved research proposals.

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Data Analysis & Analytics

Through the use of traditional and innovative methods of collection, analysis, and interpretation, we work with data to support decisions impacting on your initiative’s goals. Our expansive analytical skills allow our team to integrate quantitative and qualitative methods to demonstrate the extent to which outcomes were obtained.

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Project Monitoring

When working with large agile initiatives, unexpected outcomes can sometimes occur. The key to managing these types of projects is to create systems that allow you to combine data that can be quickly analyzed, reported, and acted upon. We develop dashboards that support our clients in responding to these emergent situations.

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Report Development

Report development is a way to memorialize the work and outcomes of our clients. Through our report development services, we produce a comprehensive narrative that communicates the impact and results of our clients’ work.

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Program Evaluation Implementation

Whether it is called program evaluation, external evaluation, third-party evaluation or an independent evaluation, evaluation is in essence the application of social science research methods to real-world situations. Through a developmental approach, we employ program evaluation to support the continuous improvement and measure the outcomes of our clients’ work.

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Dissemination Support

Evaluation is integral to measuring impact and dissemination is critical to maximizing it. A plan to disseminate project findings advances the goals of our clients’ initiatives. Through our dissemination services we transform project outcomes into valuable resources and distribute them through channels and mediums accessible to our clients’ networks and communities.

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