Cultivating the Next Generation of Evaluators through an Experiential Learning Program Model

October 25, 2023

Today's evaluators are witnessing a shifting landscape within the evaluation universe. This shift can largely be attributed to rising demands for evaluation, an intensified prominence of big data, an emerging need to combat negative perceptions of data, and a growing need for more complex analyses.. Such a shift opens doors to other disciplines and professions that are increasingly leveraging innovative data methods and storytelling techniques to tackle some of the world's most complex challenges. To maintain the prominence and value of the evaluation field, it is critical that evaluators keep pace with innovation, and this is especially important when thinking about preparing the next generation of evaluators.  

Through the implementation of The Rucks Group’s Summer Experiential Learning (EL) Program, we have unlocked an abundance of evaluation potential by recruiting diverse student talent to meet the evolving demands of evaluation work. This poster presentation from the 2023 Evaluation Conference hosted by the American Evaluation Association highlights the mosaic of educational backgrounds and professional experiences that are bringing innovative and valuable approaches to evaluation work by exploring the unique backgrounds of past EL participants.

Students who want to learn more about how these diverse backgrounds and contributing to careers in evaluation should download and review our poster presentation.

Download (PDF)