Change Your Mind, Change Your Project: Adopting a Growth Mindset for Annual Reporting


A growing body of research suggests that the mindsets we hold toward tasks can predict success or lack thereof. Work by Carol Dwek and colleagues has contributed deeply to our collective understanding within this space. Indeed, Dwek has found that a growth mindset, which is the belief that abilities are malleable, is associated with long-term success, while a fixed mindset, which is a belief that abilities are not malleable, is not. Educating students about these different mindsets and resulting outcomes are being infused across the educational pipeline. Yet, we have been challenged in applying these concepts directly into a professional space, particularly grant-funded work. The absence of applying these lessons to a broader context grant-funded work may be because the initial research on mindsets focused on the individual level; however, emerging research suggests that teams and organizations can also have a growth or fixed mindset.

This webinar will leverage the growth and fixed mindset perspective to create a throughline for best practices that impact evaluation within grant-funded work. Specifically, the webinar will:

  • Provide insights into how growth and fixed mindsets reveal themselves within project teams.
  • Provide tips on how to cultivate a growth mindset within project teams.
  • Demonstrate how a growth mindset can ease project teams’ major tasks, such as completing an annual report and responding to implementation challenges.